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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition II  NBC  October 18, 2016 5:30am-5:49am CDT

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rectly which country is directly in its path happening now-- you're watching live at daybreak onodayj4. i'm susan kim.ani'm vince eck of wtherand traffic together... yesterday was mostly cloudy, humid and warm with highs in the s, plus winds were gusting over 20 mph. the warm y d wa overnight with tes in the 70s, andwind ing mph.y is
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night is clear a cool with lows near 50 along the lake and mid 40s inland. no- t's get taa cash for a loohek at t incident freelight traffic speeds at or ove sted in many are full closure northbund on 89 national from 11ill 5 am
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breaking news brking?s riw.. breas ri oosarika has make landfall in south china. accog to the national meteorolical cr.. ri sahe 21st typhoon t to 100 miles per hour. 520- thousand people were evacuated yesterday in preparation for sarika. ? at least 24 people havealready en killed by floods in vietnam. officials say four others are bee eved ssing in the phillipines where the typhoo hit before moving to china. officials are preparing that part of the country for the worst as the typhoon continues its path. right now the storm has caused flooded streets and knocked down some trees. decision 20-16 now.... the
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senateill oret otwo co twdebape wia or e se preview. n. ron johnson and nger rueingold batehere at marq the debate comes less than a week after the two squad off in gre en bayst ay. clashing on everything from hoto reform the afrdable care act... to national security... to whether employers should mandate family leave. thdete certainly provided voters with a ?#cleacontrast between the two caes. ndidatwe expect the same tonight. thisth?ee final, u-s senate bateere fore voters ad to the polls vember 8. th remost mauette law ?) jo points -- to 44 -- among likely voters. t rcent. il derson
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hillary clinton making a new push into states that democrats have not won in decades.desay there is a two million dollar ad push in arizona ... that is in addition to one million going into efforts in miouri and indiana. the idea is to expand the offensive against donald trump .. and help congressional candidates. with the election just 20 days away .. donald giving up on wisconsithe reblican nominee told terssupporn green bay last night: he wld winthate. he blasted hillary clinton over her email scandal ... calling it worse than watergate.trump also denied recent allegations made against him of sexual assault. that never the w&ay just to be ve clear - events that never happened.hecklers interrupted trump's speech a
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pitch on estrade, taxes and immigrion. this is wi in scsin in bay no. the eltibeing rigged have raised questions over our state's tegrittoensure your vote counts. sk the waukha county clerk... and milwaukee's election commission director who say it would be impossible for anyone to ck into r elections, because our votes are eleconicallynt i "closed syem voting machines are never connected to the internet. it would be impossible to hack into our system so ?pu're t able to t into t ti sults software52 election results novack adds: even if hackers somehow figured out how to get in-- each vote is audited by hand with a member of each party represented to witness that it all matches up
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new from overnight: a man is now in jail, after police say heheld his family hostage inside their home with a gun able to make phone contact with the man when they arrived. he eventually surrendered. no one was hurt. a student up o vaaledree times in two days. this morning the university is oking into whit.e life sa for least 6 years hat up a rembers those lost through abortion --- this is the first dispy.omeone has defaced the e group is "marquette for life"it puts up a "memorial for the born" on campus every year.that includes 12 hundred blue and pink ags. this is how the display looked wednesday night. and check out whatt look like th
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later e display was e group spe walking the lawn ---- puttinall the flagback.t byrida beenefed thd ti. owmecalla coun protest. the esity is calling the indicident vandalm. anyone with inion formatsk t;z?e?p ll university police. reporting live at marquette... rebecca klopf today's tmj4. comingp: demaing ac. of local moms wants eep up kids safe fr gun plose call.what this officer was doing the moment a vehicle slammed into her squad car.more live at daybreak-- on
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yesterday was mostly cloudy, mid and warm with highs in the 70s, plus winds were gusting over 20 mph. the warm evening, and it has been very windy and warm overnight with temps in the 70s, and winds gusting to 30 mph. today is mostly sunny, breezy, mild d
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tonight is clear and cool with lows near 50 along the lake and mid 40s inland. the debate over gun laws the debate over gun laws getting the attention of moms in waukesha. they came together monday, pushing for sal uner background checks.right now in the state of wisconsin ... a background check is onl from a licensed firearm from a licensed dealer. but when a firearm is sold privately, for instance at a gun show, anyone can walk away with a weapon. leslie adams is with moms demand action. no effect on them 16:50:00- if you have guns keep them safe, secured, locked up so that children can't get to them 16::05 17:59:03- the criminals wouldn't pay any attention to it at all. it would have no effect on them 17:59:07 the director of the wisconsin pro-gun movement doesn't believe another gun law will help stop violence.
5:42 am coming up on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:how former wisconsin basketball standout frank kaminsky "stuck it" to the chicago cubs.then -- the tiny wisconsin town set to host thousands of harry potter
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i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. on healthcare, russ feingold will work with both parts to lower premiums and cut health care taxes. i want to do the hard work of improving the system so it works for middle class families. nator ron johnson sides with b iurce to make medicare a voucher program, forcing seniors to pay more for prescription drugs, and letting insurance companies deny coverage to cancer patients.
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bend wisconn.. thn plead not guilty in connecon with the fatal shoong of th dauger of olympic sprint tyson gay.15-year-old trinit gay washot outside a cookout restaurant early sunday rning in lexington, kentucky and lexington, kentucky and later died at the hospital. police say there was an exchange of gunfire tween two guire between two cars and gay was caught in the crossfir authorities are investigatg after three riots broke out at separate prisons in brazil. more re aped after starti a fi the most recent riot. police office maged to recapture 18 of the inmates who initially escaped the psychiatriward on monday. at least 18 inmates have died in two other separate riots in brazilian penitentiaries since nday. findg the ght partner isn't always easy.. butone japanese dating trying to help peoe focus ontry help lefocus on personality instead of appearance.the
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one form or another since 2010 and has gone nationwide, with regular meetings across various japan. still looking for a cause after a wildfire burns out of control in colorado. officials say the fire has already devoured0 square miles. people who liveearby were d orre evacue p?@?@as high winds accelerated the fire. some buildings haveburned... but call caught on poceash mer 7k? fts helpg fix a at minnesota- wisconsin boanhehis in tr' sqth officer's chief is happy she wasn't hurt. the crash remains under investigation. let's get a eck ofour weather and traffic together
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humid and warm with highs in the 70s, plus winds were gusting over 20 mph. the warm front moved in late last evening, and it has been very windy and warm overnight with temps in the 70s, and winds gusting to 30 mph. today is mostly sunny, breezy, mild and less humid behind the cold front with temps in the 60s. tonight is clear and co with lows near 50 along the is the pick day of the week with highs in the mid 60s, just a few clouds, and a light breeze. another cold front moves into the area on thursday with highs in the upper 50s and a brisk nw wind. friday morning will see lows near 40, and highs will only get into the low to mid 50s with a chilly nw wind. the weekend looks pleasant with sunshine, highs ar 60, and
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now-- let's get to tatiana cash get to tatiana cash for a look at the roads incident freetraffic starting to buildspeeds at or above
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nearly two in three americans are limiting their monthly spending.. and there's a new reason whyaccording to bankrate dot com, the top reason is to save more money. bankrate says theit'sfirst time in four years that the income. analysts note this is likely due to pay raises finally spreading out to the broad population... giving a good reason to limit spending. netflix is hoping ?today's day on wall street is just as good as yesterday. the company's stock rose as much as 20- percent in after-hours trading monday. the trading after-hours percent in after-hours trading monday. the gains come after the streaming service announced three-point-six-million new subscribers in its third
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a new surveyowly adults admit t giving candy to ko ??? dress up itheir favorite costumes. animal costumes are the top candy-getter followed nearly a thd of parents admitted to getting excited about halloween with their kids... with the number one reason being... they can swip some of that candy. oedgerton only has around 55-hundred resides... bu come 27-thousand harry pott? fans... for its second harry ival 's eected raise mor. than 600-thousand dollars for area non-profits. former wisconsin basketball standout frank kaminsky is sticking it to the chicago bs. kaminsky.. a chicago native and die-hard white sox fan.. showed up to the united center lastight wearing this
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are currently tied one game apiece in the n-l-c-s. still ahead tmj4:a local d prograaiat da heg students' reading ills holds its annual evt. how much money the program hopes to raise and what it wants to do with that money,
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tensofof dollars ion now s more to take arts into at-risk waukesha. sharp litera's annual 'a novel event' he amount of money yesterday. ord about 400 people were $"items help children in elementary?? our organization further." 11:46:40: "we bring the program to the students and schools at no cost. so, this gives us the opportunity to continue tond even grow our organization further."john quinones, thst of 'what would yodo' bcthe keyne on abcas the ot arstt fo?cy;r e fourth o t
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six-- on live at daybreak. including... in the black... a new report shows a positive balance for the state. how much state taxpayerha left in the account. and.. alternative voting credentials.. whathat means for people who don't have a photo i-d... and what you need to know to get them before election day.
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happening now: the battle for the iraqi city of mosul is underway against isis. what the u-s government is doing to protect americans stuck in the middle of the voilence. plus:ann sterling explains h a meeting set for today is giving sherman park residents the chance to voice their concerns over recent problems in their neighborhood. and pete zervakis us ytells can
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wheel tax. and you're taking a le look outside-- welcome to live at daybreak. it's i'm vince vitrano.and - i'm susan kim.we want to susan kim.we want to start with a check of your weather and traffic together with meteorologist brian gotter. yesterday was mostly cloudy the 70s, plus winds were


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